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Shridi Sai Baba

His story, teachings and miracles
Affectionately regarded as Sadguru by the people who follow him, Shirdi Sai Baba is one of our great Spiritual Masters and the one revered by all.
Early life
With details of his birth yet unknown, he had to wade through the early struggles in life. He was living under a neem tree and wandering around the jungles of Shirdi. Subsequently, he took up residence at Shirdi and delivered spiritual sermons to his visitors. He treated the distressed and unhealthy with ashes from the sacred fire 'Dhuni' which he maintained.
Baba's Teachings and Miracles
Shirdi Sai Baba ushers those who surrender to him with trust and devotion. The words and actions of Sai cannot be comprehended in the normal course but often resulted in an ultimate bliss for this world. His teachings combined elements of Hinduism and Islam.
Across his sermons, Sai Baba emphasized the importance of performing one's duties without attachment to earthly matters and of being content regardless of situation. He encouraged his followers to pray, chant God's name, read Holy Scriptures and actively participate in charity. His teachings include leading a normal life, helping others, loving every living being without any discrimination and developing two important features of character: devotion to the Guru (Shraddha) and waiting cheerfully with patience and love (Saburi).
He is said to have performed many miracles such as levitation, mind reading and mastery ic the five elements of nature. He has given darshan to many people in their dreams and lead them in the right direction.
As a humble offering to Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi and to commemorate the centenary year of his attaining Mahasamadhi, Mahalakshmi Ladies Drama Group Trust has embarked on a mission to share and spread his story, teachings & miraxles.
May Sai continue to bestow his blessings on us and let the true essence of patience, love and devotion prevail.
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